Conditions of Use


Article 1 Definitions

DecoFreaks Decor Rental, user of these conditions will be referred to as "DecoFreaks " . The products to rent, are hereafter referred to as " hired " and are described in the literature accompanying the lease contract delivery . The person to whom the goods are rented , is referred to as " tenant" .

Article 2 Scope

These General Conditions apply to all offers and price agreements between DecoFreaks and the tenant.

Article 3 The start and end

3.1 The lease is entered into a specified rental period in whole days.
3.2 The rental period begins at the time the rental is made . Available to tenants The tenant is obliged to inspect the rented at reception and sign on the delivery for approval of having received the goods in good condition.
3.3 If the Tenant does not collect or take delivery on the agreed date and time remains he is bound by the contract and the obligation to pay the rent remains.
3.4 It should be hired on the agreed date - during business hours - . To be returned to DecoFreaks
3.5 If the leased property is not returned by the due date the tenant is in default without any notice is required . DecoFreaks is then entitled hired to get it back.
All costs incurred shall be borne by the tenant . If the retrieval of the rented in any way delayed, tenant for each day that the recovery is delayed an amount equal to the daily rental fee plus a penalty of 50 percent . If retrieving the leased - in part - is impossible , the tenant is the replacement value of the rental is payable .

Article 4 Rent and payment

4.1 Transport , installation and dismantling costs are separate from the charge to the tenant rented .
4.2 The full amount of the lease , including delivery , transport , and other costs , is to be paid prior to the start of the rental period met Cash on delivery or in advance by Bank Transfer ,according to the agreed payment terms .
4.3 All orders are executed when the entire rental amount is paid in accordance with the agreed payment terms .
4.4 The minimum rental value is 100,- Euro .

Article 5 Cancellation

5.1 In case of cancellation after the provision of the contract the tenant according to the following penalty clause cancellation fee in the amount of :
- 30 % of rental if canceled more than one week before the date of commencement of the rental period ;
- 50 % of the rental price for cancellation within 1 week to 1 day before the date of commencement of the rental period ;
- 70 % of rental cancellation on the day of commencement of the rental period for delivery;
- Full rental fee is payable if canceled during or after the commencement of the rental period .
5.2 DecoFreaks is entitled to cancel the lease and refuse deliverance of the hired goods due to late or incomplete payment
in accordance with the lease , the penalty clause mentioned in Article 5, paragraph 1 shall apply.
- 70 % of rental cancellation on the day of commencement of the rental period for delivery;

Article 6 Use

6.1 Tenant may not be hired for any other purpose or to any other place use agreed . Furthermore, the tenant is not permitted to copy , pledge or otherwise encumber or alienate .
Rented 6.2 Rights and obligations under the lease can not be transferred to a third party .
Tenant 6.3 The tenant must make sure that the hired in equal condition in which it was made ??available to him is returned . If the leased property at the end of the rental period has damages / defects will DecoFreaks writing within 3 working mention lessee . Tenant shall then be entitled to take the flaws. Know within 3 days After this period
Deco will Freaks all costs associated with the repair or replacement of the rented stories tenant.
6.4 The tenant is not permitted to the rented other than that for which it is intended leased and under what conditions is let the leased property. If there are special requirements , terms or conditions imposed on the leased property will need to be .
Indicated at booking 6.5 In case of transportation of the rented should take to avoid .
6.6 In case of loss or damage to the leased property or if third parties assert rights to the leased premises, the tenant is obliged to report this to DecoFreaks
. Immediately inform 6.7 Repair work will be carried out exclusively by DecoFreaks . To the rented

Article 7 Liability

7.1 The tenant is always responsible for damage to the leased property. Also, the lessee is liable for damages resulting from the loss or theft of the rented property.
7.2 The tenant is liable to third parties for any damages, including inconvenience of third parties by or in connection with use . Lessee shall indemnify DecoFreaks against claims of third parties.
7.3 DecoFreaks is not liable for any damage arising from the use of the leased property and it can not make use of the leased property.
Use 7.4 Any liability of DecoFreaks is limited to the amount of rent paid by the tenant .

Article 8 Termination

8.1 If DecoFreaks can not meet its obligations under the contract due to force majeure DecoFreaks may carry out judicial dissolution of the
agreement, without regard to the tenant an obligation to pay compensation.
8.2 DecoFreaks is entitled to extra-judicial dissolution of the agreement if the tenant does not timely and / or properly comply with the obligations arising from the agreement .
8.3 DecoFreaks and tenant are both entitled to extra-judicial dissolution if the other
- A debt settlement with its creditors ;
- Applies for suspension of payments;
- Is declared bankrupt ;
- Is placed in receivership
. 8.4 If termination occurs as a result of a serious failure on the part of the tenant , the tenant at least the rent for the agreed rental period and the associated
costs, vermeerd with compensation equal to the rent for two weeks , without prejudice to the right to compensation for provable damages if it should be.

Article 9 Disputes

All agreements are subject to Dutch law . All disputes arising from agreements concluded with DecoFreaks will be adjudicated by the
First Instance Court in the place of DecoFreaks , Leiden , Netherlands .
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